This award is presented to a senior member of the Kite and Key Society who most embodies the legacy and spirit of William A. Levi, who while a student at the University of Pennsylvania and a member of Kite and Key contributed distinguished service to the University and the student body at large, while still maintaining academic excellence.

2016: Brad Hebert C'16 W'16

2015: Julie Clanahan C'15

2014: Nicholas Boccardi W'14

2013: Kimberly Tai C'13

2012: Jayson Weingarten C'12

2011: David Kaltman C'11

2010: Brandon Hedvat ENG'10 W'10

2009: Daniel Lustig ENG'09

2008: Matthew Levin C'08

2007: Shannon Hedvat ENG'07

2006: Erica Gordon C'06, Jessica Schreiber C'06

2005: Lauren Hedvat ENG'05

2004: Rory Levine C'04

2003: Kendra Varland NU'03

2002: Gina Simoncini C'02

2001: Krista Pohl ENG'01

2000: Jennifer Lerner C'00

1999: Cathy Hwang C'99

1998: Jennifer Lang C'98

1997: Jessica Mlakar ENG'97

1996: Lauren Zaslansky C'96

1995: Steven Rosenberg C'95

1994: Deborah Roberts C'94 W'94

1993: Michael Gross C'93

1992: Barbara Lewis C'92

1991: Rebecca Ozoa W'91

1990: Lynn Halpern C'90

1989: Adam Mandry ENG'89

1988: Jill Furman C'88