Serve Your School

"Kite and Key is all about giving back to the university that’s afforded us so many amazing opportunities. Not only do I love being surrounded by peers who share my passion for Penn, but I also find it incredibly rewarding to connect with high school students who may have never pictured themselves on an Ivy League campus and help them realize that regardless of their backgrounds, they too can succeed at a university like Penn."

- Brad Hebert (C'16, W'16), Former Kite and Key President

Cultivate Invaluable Skills

"Being part of Kite and Key has meant so much to during my time at Penn. Every time I meet a prospective student, I fall in love with Penn all over again as I tell them about all the amazing opportunities and experiences I've had here. Whether I'm leading large tour groups around campus or chatting one-on-one with someone shadowing me for the day, it's always rewarding to see students become excited about Penn as they realize how they could fit in here and think of Penn as a future home rather than a set of facts and figures."

- Meredith Kline (C'17), Former Kite and Key President

Develop Life-long Friendships

"Kite and Key has provided me with so many connections throughout my four years here. The passion we all share for Penn is infectious, so it's always easy to meet a complete stranger on your shift at the beginning of the semester and be friends by finals. It's an incredible opportunity that can open so many new connections."

- Jordan Holmes (C'15), Admissions Counselor